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Who Are We?

Shaping Paths is a boutique soft skills training consultancy based in Shanghai, China. We provide training in both Mandarin and English to multinational companies throughout China and the APAC region.

What Do We Care About?

Making change happen is at the heart of everything we do. We care about more than just training, we care about creating value for your business. And to make this happen we’ve created a unique approach to instructional design that we call The Shaping Paths Approach.

Management & Leadership

Communication & Influence

Facilitation & Train the Trainer

The Shaping Paths Approach

We start by clarifying the key stakeholders and their expectations, as we believe in Return On Expectations. We clarify what key changes are required for the training to be a success.

This next step is unique to Shaping Paths. Before we go into the course design, we first focus on designing tools to support the learners in realising the change after the training. We take great care in designing these tools to make sure they are relevant to the learner, easy to use and presented in a format that is most helpful to them when they need to use it at work.

Next we develop the course itself. Here we focus on making the content as easy to understand as possible, to minimise teaching time. This then frees up more time for focussing on how to apply the tools to their current problems, and reflecting on the personal changes they need to make.

The course is then delivered. This is done using a combination of facilitation and training techniques. We focus on not just engaging learners, but giving them as many opportunities to reflect as possible.

Finally after the training we provide learners with the support they need. This always involves giving them the tools to help apply what they’ve learnt. We can also provide follow up coaching and workshops to review their progress and answer any further questions they have. We always share our contact details with the learners so they can contact us at any time should they have any questions.

The Benefits

  • Our tools strengthen learning retention well after the course.
  • The combination of facilitation and training techniques results in an engaging and memorable classroom experience, with maximum opportunities for reflection.
  • Learners identify solutions to their individual problems, and make commitments to enacting relevant, practical and effective changes.

Jamie Dixon

Principal Consultant

Jamie Dixon is an Instructional Designer, Facilitator and Training Consultant.

Originally from the UK, Jamie has spent more than 10 years in China. Jamie has worked with more than 100 multinational companies throughout China and the APAC region. As a fluent Chinese speaker, Jamie delivers most of his training in Mandarin.

He has a Masters Degree in Global HR Management, and a working background in Recruitment and Training Management. Jamie is also certified in DISC, GlobeSmart and TAP Training Delivery.

Jamie cares about achieving real and lasting change. He is not afraid to challenge his clients in order to recommend the best possible solution. He combines his passion for instructional design and facilitation with his deep knowledge of interpersonal skills.

Jamie delivers training in the following 3 focus areas:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Communication & Influencing
  • Facilitation and Train the Trainer

Jamie is a real professional with high level of accountability. My organization have two times cooperation with Jamie. One is hired Jamie as our trainer. His training is inspired and practical. The second time, we hired Jamie as the M.C of our Certification Dinner. Both me and Jamie took a risk on this decision, and it turned out to be a very good one. Jamie’s excellent communication skill makes the whole dinner very smooth. I am sure that we will have more cooperation with Jamie.

China General Manager, HR Consulting Company

Excellent! That is the word I would use to describe the training Jamie provided me and my staff. Well thought out, wonderfully executed and because of that, the time just flew by. Other training we have had in the past were boring and often my staff just fell asleep, but with Jamie’s program, we were all encouraged to participate and ended it with a very positive experience and skills we could use the very next day.

Director, Medical Group

As a facilitator, Jamie was fantastic, delivering in Chinese with enthusiasm, clarity and charisma. As a business partner, he was a pleasure to work with at every stage of the project. Full of great ideas and passion for his work, Jamie comes with my highest regard and recommendation.

Consultant, Education Company

Jamie is very good at understanding client’s needs and developing customized training programs. He cares about more than the “course” itself. He is very delicated to improve the actual results – behavior change of the trainees, and in order to do that, he is willing to put in extra efforts.

Trainees of our company refer to his course as “interesting, engaging, clear and helpful”

HR Manager, Software Company

Jamie is an experienced corporate trainer who can win trust from client and audience easily base on his solid expertise, after cooperating with him on several training courses like Business Writing, Presentation Skills etc, I found his bilingual language skills and humor teaching style also do help him a lot to reach into heart of Chinese trainees, and therefore obtaining nice training effect is a natural thing.

Learning & Development Manager, Power Management Company