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The Story Habit

Ambitious and successful

Your experience, vision and skills have helped you to where you are today.

They enable you to see things others can’t.

Gap of understanding

But this creates a gap – A gap of understanding.

Your stakeholders can’t see what you see. Communication becomes challenging.

The Story Habit is your bridge.

Story is the bridge to get your ideas across, change minds and drive action.

I Wrote The Story Habit For You

Jamie Dixon The Story Habit Coach

Jamie Dixon The Story Habit Coach

Tell the Story That Drives Action

You see a critical problem, or a great solution, or the potential to do more, but the only thing preventing action is that gap of understanding.

That gap shouldn’t stop your stakeholders from the doing the right thing.

I’ve helped leaders in over 160 multinational companies bridge that gap by telling the story that drives action.

For Example, I’ve Helped:

The Commercial Team of a road construction provider knew the company had the potential to achieve ambitious targets.

BUT different teams were not aligned and they struggled to get them on board.

SO by involving all teams in strategy planning, the strategy became everyone’s story and buy-in increased.

The Chinese Team of a US Financial Consulting Company knew they were fully capable of handling key client relationships by themselves.

BUT cultural differences made it hard to build enough trust with their US based Leaders.

SO by learning to speak more assertively, they were able to better tell the story of their capabilities and gain that trust.

The strategy team’s KPIs were based on other business units implementing the strategies they had painstakingly researched.

BUT they had no authority over these business units and struggled to influence them.

SO by building closer relationships with key stakeholders, they could tell a story that made these strategies relate to them.

The Story Habit – For You and Your Team

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The Story Habit Book
Story Habit - Story Guide

Why Story Habits?

Because skills are built on habits.

A skill is a behaviour, or set of behaviours, that you can perform consistently to a certain standard. Being able to tell story that grabs a whole room is skill.

A habit is simply a behaviour repeated consistently and almost effortlessly, normally in response to a cue. Making eye contact with someone when they are talking to you is a habit. 

Habits are generally a lot easier to master than skills. And it just so happens that they also help build skills.

Notice Changes – Your First Story Habit

For example, one simple story habit that is of great help to the skill of telling a story, is to simply notice change.

Because a story is never about something normal. It’s always about a change.

And everyday, we experience plenty of changes. Our train breaks down on the way to work. Our bank accidentally deposits a large sum of money into our account. Or the wind blows our hat away.

When we notice a change, we can store it in our memory.

When we store such events in our memory, we build a mental pool of stories, a story pool, with stories that we can take out and use at any time.

The next time we have an opportunity to share a story, we can try out that story we saved recently.

And the first few times we tell a story, it’s probably not very good. But guess what? Practice makes perfect. The more you tell the story, the better the story becomes.

And eventually, you’ll be standing in front of a room full of people, and they’ll be hanging on every word you say, as you suddenly pull out that story of the time your train broke down on the way to work, or when your bank accidentally deposited a large sum of money into your account, or that time the wind blew your hat away.

And the skill in that moment, all came from that simple story habit of noticing changes.

Habits are great starting places for developing skills. They are the tangible first steps. There are so many opportunities to use them in your daily life that they grow into skills all by themselves.

This approach makes The Story Habit perfectly suitable for busy leaders.

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