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The Story Habit

If you’re a leader, a big part of your job is getting people to do important things.

Maybe it’s getting your team to follow your strategy, getting customers to buy more, or getting your stakeholders to support you.

But sometimes you can’t get people to do those important things.

They don’t get it, they disagree or they just don’t want to.

And sometimes that’s a big problem.

And when it’s a big problem, I’m here to help you.

I’m a Leadership Coach helping leaders unleash their influencing superpower: Storytelling!

About Jamie Dixon

Jamie Dixon The Story Habit Coach

Jamie Dixon The Story Habit Coach

Unleash Your Influencing Superpower: Storytelling!

Hi, I’m Jamie, the founder of Shaping Paths, a Leadership Development Consultancy.

I’m a coach, facilitator and author of “The Story Habit – How Leaders Shape Stories That Drive Action”.

I specialise in helping leaders influence through storytelling.

I’ve worked with leaders in over 160 multinational companies over the last 10 years.

I’m an IAC certified coach, a Tiny Habits coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Certified Coach.

For Example, I’ve Helped:

The Commercial Team of a road construction provider knew the company had the potential to achieve ambitious targets.

BUT different teams were not aligned and they struggled to get them on board.

SO by involving all teams in strategy planning, the strategy became everyone’s story and buy-in increased.

The Chinese Team of a US Financial Consulting Company knew they were fully capable of handling key client relationships by themselves.

BUT cultural differences made it hard to build enough trust with their US based Leaders.

SO by learning to speak more assertively, they were able to better tell the story of their capabilities and gain that trust.

The strategy team’s KPIs were based on other business units implementing the strategies they had painstakingly researched.

BUT they had no authority over these business units and struggled to influence them.

SO by building closer relationships with key stakeholders, they could tell a story that made these strategies relate to them.

About Jamie’s Clients

I’ve worked with over 160 multinational companies, including:

“Jamie has been delivering all kinds of programs for two of our legal entities in China. The feedback has been so good that we keep using him for years.

He usually asked tremendous questions to coach me to see what the best programs would be for Entegris. Jamie always would like to talk to me and my business partners to understand our industry, business nature, people, what our business leaders wanted and what our gaps were to improve people’s skills and qualities.

After exploring all kinds of possibilities, he always drafted some outlines for us to digest and evaluate. Then we would meet again to go through his outlines and thoughts on why he would think these would be best choices for us. Then he would present these to our business leaders to seek for their feedback until we were all quite happy to move forward.

During the program, he utilised some interesting games, powerful questions, drawings, related methodologies, or language to make sure people absorbed and grasped main contents. The whole class were very interactive.

In addition, we selected him to deliver the programs our Asia Pacific region (China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea) Hi-potentials and the feedback was very good. We will continue to use him to deliver for us.”

Maggie Lin, HR Director Entegris, Entegris

The Story Habit – For You and Your Team

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