Shaping Paths Book Most trainers know a great deal about how to deliver an engaging classroom experience, but what counts the most is behaviour change. If learners don’t use what they learnt back in their workplace, the training was a waste of time. Shaping Paths is a straightforward training design methodology [...]

The Emotional Bank Account

When you go to a bank to get money out, you can only get money out if you’ve already got money in the account. If your account is zero, and you still ask the bank clerk for money, they’ll laugh at you and tell you to go away! Now imagine [...]

5 Reasons You Should Say No

In my time as a trainer, I have come across far too many people who believe they cannot say “NO” to people at work. They normally believe: It’s rude to say “NO”You can’t say “NO” to senior peopleSaying “NO” is a sign of being irresponsible These beliefs are wrong. In [...]

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