Train the Trainer – PRACTICAL Training & Facilitation Skills

Buy my online course on Udemy by clicking here. Who is this for? If you train, facilitate, or do both, then this course is for you. Beginners will find a comprehensive framework full of tools, tips and techniques to help you build a foundation to start training and facilitating with [...]

Contextual Influencing

Who is this for? Mid to Senior level professionals who need to influence a variety of stakeholders in a variety of contexts in their work. Sometimes they have close relationships with these stakeholders, and other times they don’t. Sometimes they have authority over these stakeholders and other times they have [...]

Adapting to Change and Challenge

Who is this for? Leaders and teams who face frequent changes and challenges in their work. They want to enjoy more resilience, motivation and adaptability in their work. They want to get better at keeping up with the fast pace of change, and ensure they are doing everything they can [...]

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