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The Value of Team Communication

Team communication is more than just getting the work done. It creates trust, fosters camaraderie among team members, enhances morale, and assists employees in remaining engaged at work. Team communication is vital and must not be take for granted. Team communication must be spearheaded by leaders. Communication will [...]

How to Improve Public Speaking

Public speaking is an essential skill for work, but for so many people it's also one of their greatest fears! I've been training people on how to improve public speaking for over 10 years, and in that time I've developed some simple methodologies to help people present with confidence fast. [...]

Business Communication Skills : A Must in Leadership

Business communication skills are important to one’s success. The eye is always on the prize. Leaders from different fields and industries need extraordinary business communication skills. Why? These skills support team collaboration and initiate action and activities. Leaders from all fields need to have business communication skills Leaders [...]

Inspiring Leaders Drive Action

Talking about inspiring leaders. Here's how. With the company's income statement, on the one hand, you can't help but place the other hand on your head in frustration. Your annual target revenue seems like a distant goal. In this situation, you know that you have your work cut out for [...]

The Power of Active Listening

Why is active listening important? As a leader, you might say that "I'm supposed to be the one everyone should listen to." Of course, that's not the real deal. You would best answer the above question if you address this one first: What happens if you don't listen? Let's face [...]

Effective Communication in the Workplace

In an era beset with fake news and misleading information, the importance of effective communication in the workplace is brought to the spotlight. Fake news or misleading information gives birth to hesitancies. While some people rejoiced over the fast development of the COVD-19 vaccine, a slew of fake [...]

Leadership Influence : Doing it the Right Way

The pandemic hits. Many companies need to up its game, and leaders find themselves at a crossroads. One’s leadership influence is put on the spotlight. As lockdowns and quarantines were implemented, many business transactions and operations were put on hold. As a leader, you face many dilemmas. For a leader, [...]

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