Step Back

Jennifer was an excel whiz. The things she could create in excel were mind blowing, but not quite as mind blowing as the way she moved through the functions. Like a wizard on fast forward, she flew the cursor through the screen, jumping from function to function, and producing masterpieces. [...]

Believe in Your Learners

I was 3 meters under the surface of the Ardingly Reservoir. I was surrounded by muddy, murky water, and hyper ventilating through a mouth piece. All I could see was my scuba diving instructor’s face in front of me. My final test before I got my certificate was to remove [...]

How to Train Big Groups

In a perfect world, every training group would have minimal participant numbers. In a perfect world, companies would have unlimited training budgets as well. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Reality means that we as trainers are sometimes faced with big groups. Bigger than we are comfortable [...]

Make Training Practical With 5 Questions

If you have ever delivered training before, you’ve no doubt heard the word “Practical” come up lots of times. “That’s really practical”, “We specialise in practical training”, “We are looking for something practical”. The problem is that sometimes people are merely paying lip service to this word and not following [...]