Storytelling: How To Improve Storytelling | Jamie Dixon

How to improve storytelling? Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling, storytelling! I bet you hear this word a lot these days. There are books about storytelling, workshops about storytelling, and then people like me talking about storytelling non-stop! But why? Why is storytelling so important? Stories are great at many things, in particular, [...]

A Story Habit for Building Trust

Some claim that trust is the fundamental idea holding all relationships together. With that in mind, a story habit for building trust is pivotal in maintaining a great working relationship with your team. Trust is the fundamental idea holding all relationships together For example, even before the pandemic, [...]

A Story Habit for Relating to Others

The not-so-secret ingredient that distinguishes a leader from a mere manager is storytelling. And a story habit for relating to others is a skill every leader should aim to have; it's a helpful tool to ensure that you run a team that's the cream of the crop. Relating when [...]

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