Given that so many people at so many companies complain about having too many meetings, the answer to this question is probably no.

The biggest reason time-wasting meetings exist is because no one prevents them. So the next time you receive an invitation, consider the following questions:
– Is the meeting about something important?
– Does it have a clear purpose and agenda?
– Is there enough background information to help you prepare?
– Are there people attending who can make decisions?
– Is the topic relevant to your role?
– Is this relevant to your current prioirities?
– Are you able to contribute to the discussion?
– Are you the best person to attend?

If you answered no to any of those questions, then write that person an email. Start pushing back and saying no to more meetings. Of course, be polite and helpful about it. Offer reasons as to why you think you shouldn’t attend, and offer suggestions on how to improve the meeting.

So the next time you are considering whether or not you should go to that meeting, review those questions and start pushing back. It might just save you a few hours!