Influencing Without Authority – 5 Practical Tips

Without positional power, influencing without authority is a crucial skill. 76% of people working in large organisations say bureaucratic behaviours decide who gets ahead, according to one survey mentioned by McKinsey.  In other words, people are constantly competing for positional power so that they can get ahead because they know [...]

Training is Just Like a Painkiller

When people get headaches, one of the first things they think of is painkillers. Feel pain, take painkillers. So they go out to the nearest pharmacy and buy painkillers. They then take those painkillers, and their pain gets killed… Temporarily. After a few hours, the pain comes back. So they [...]

Motivation Surfing

Motivation is a natural force. We don’t own it nor control it. But we can influence it. Think of motivation like a wave. It comes and goes. Sometimes it’s strong, sometimes it’s weak. It has a peak and it has a trough. Certain conditions make the wave bigger, others [...]

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