How to Take the Initiative: Part 1

How to take the initiative: Part 1 I’ve heard many managers complain about employees who didn’t take the initiative. Especially about younger employees fresh from university (for some reason many Universities don’t seem to teach people how to take the initiative). There may be many reasons for employees not taking [...]

A MAD Approach to Motivation

When you need people to do things for you, I’m sure you hope they are motivated. If you’re a manager, you’ll want your team to be motivated. If you’re hiring a freelancer, you’ll want them to be motivated. And if you’re about to go under for surgery, then you’ll sure [...]

The Emotional Bank Account

When you go to a bank to get money out, you can only get money out if you’ve already got money in the account. If your account is zero, and you still ask the bank clerk for money, they’ll laugh at you and tell you to go away! Now imagine [...]

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