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The Contextual Influencing Model

Influence is not fixed.

Our influence change all the time as contexts change. Positions change, stakeholders change and interests change all the time.

Contexts change

These days, contexts change more than ever.

We are living in the VUCA age. Change is happening at a rate never seen before. Our influencing skills need to adapt.

Influence strategically

So you need to cultivate influence strategically.

The Contextual Influencing Model helps you develop the right habits to influence strategically.

Training and Coaching

No Brain Hacks, Just a Simple Tool

Influencing skills training shouldn’t be about neuroscience hacks that salespeople use to trick your mind.

Contextual Influencing is a simple tool that helps you formulate influencing strategies for the short-term, and cultivate influencing skills for the long-term.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Contextual Influencing is a really practical tool for my team. They have to influence a variety of stakeholders throughout the company and frequently without the authority to tell people what to do, so Contextual Influencing really helped them dissect how influence works and start building practical habits. This was also the highest rated training program we’ve run in the last 3 years!

Vice President, Software Company

Virtual training is always a bit hit and miss, but Jamie is an experienced facilitator who brought the right amount of energy to keep the class moving ahead. His Contextual Influencing model really helped simplify a complicated topic, and with the case studies and practice activities I feel a lot more confident about influencing my colleagues.

R&D Manger, Materials Science Company

Learning Outcomes

Contextual Influencing training is a series of virtual workshops that can be delivered to people all over the world.

This course is especially suitable for teams who need to influence without authority.

We start by looking at the Contextual Influencing Model as a whole. Afterwards, we do a deep dive into each of part of the Contextual Influencing Model, focusing specifically on Building and Strengthening Connections, Listening and Understanding Interests, and Leveraging Power and Taking Action. In the deep dives, we look at a range of tools, techniques and skills, with case studies and plenty of practice and reflection opportunities..

The full course includes 4 x 3 hour virtual workshops, works for a maximum of 16 people and costs £6000 GBP/$7200 USD/€7000 Euros.

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Virtual Workshop 1

  • Explain the purpose of each step, and identify how the Contextual Influencing Model can improve their approach to influencing
  • Use the Defining Movement Point template to define influencing goals for a simple case study
  • List the benefits of considering each of the 4 questions before attempting to influence
  • Brainstorm good and bad examples they have seen in their work for each of the 6 Ways of Connecting, 6 Types of Interests and 6 Types of Power
  • Identify habits they need to develop for Connecting, Interests and Power

Virtual Workshop 2

  • Use the DISC Model to suggest how to identify different working styles, and suggest ways of adapting to those working styles
  • Suggest ways of Mirroring and Matching other people to build rapport
  • Suggest ways of using Pacing and Leading to influence the stakeholder in their case study

Virtual Workshop 3

  • Use The Empathy Tool with their case study to analyse the key stakeholder’s perspective and identify key needs
  • Demonstrate the ability to use High Gain Questions to uncover information about someone’s interests in a role-play activity with a partner

Virtual Workshop 4

  • Use the Conflict Modes model to suggest appropriate strategies for managing conflict in a series of examples provided by the instructor
  • Suggest an appropriate Assertive Communication technique to use in a case study provided by a classmate
  • Use the 5 Levels of Influencing Action to suggest the most appropriate response to a series of simple examples provided by the instructor
  • Prepare a message to give to a real stakeholder they need to influence

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