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The Contextual Influencing Model

Influence is not fixed.

Our influence change all the time as contexts change. Positions change, stakeholders change and interests change all the time.

Contexts change

These days, contexts change more than ever.

We are living in the VUCA age. Change is happening at a rate never seen before. Our influencing skills need to adapt.

Influence strategically

So you need to cultivate influence strategically.

The Contextual Influencing Model helps you develop the right habits to influence strategically.

Training and Coaching

No Brain Hacks, Just a Simple Tool

Influencing skills training shouldn’t be about neuroscience hacks that salespeople use to trick your mind.

Contextual Influencing is a simple tool that helps you formulate influencing strategies for the short-term, and cultivate influencing skills for the long-term.

Watch the video to learn more.

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Online and Offline Influencing Skills Training

Contextual Influencing can be run face to face and online, as short as 90 minutes and as long as 2 days.

Learning Outcomes

Training on how to use The Contextual Influencing Model takes 3 hours. After this we focus on case study practice, skills practice and individual coaching. This makes it a very flexible training which can be easily customised to your needs.

Case studies can be customised to your needs. This is especially useful for teams facing the same challenge together.

Skills practice can be customised to your needs by focusing on specific skill sets that are most relevant to your needs. For example, we could focus more on listening skills, questioning skills, intercultural communication, building rapport, presentation skills, or even combine with The Story Habit training.

Generally, a Contextual Influencing Skills program including case study practice, skills practice and individual coaching would last 2 days in a face to face training, or be split into 4 x 2-3 hour virtual workshops spread over several weeks with assignments in between.

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  • Explain the purpose of each step, and identify how the Contextual Influencing Model can improve their approach to influencing
  • Use the Defining Movement Point template to define influencing goals for a simple case study
  • List the benefits of considering each of the 4 questions before attempting to influence
  • Brainstorm good and bad examples they have seen in their work for each of the 6 Ways of Connecting, 6 Types of Interests and 6 Types of Power
  • Identify habits they need to develop for Connecting, Interests and Power
  • Use the 5 Types of Influencing Action to suggest the most appropriate response to a series of simple examples provided by the instructor

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