Talking about inspiring leaders. Here’s how.

With the company’s income statement, on the one hand, you can’t help but place the other hand on your head in frustration. Your annual target revenue seems like a distant goal. In this situation, you know that you have your work cut out for you. But inspiring leaders know what to do.

It’s easy to create a company or team goal. But undertaking the steps toward that goal is another matter. As a leader, you need to step up.

One of the best traits of a leader is the ability to inspire others. Teams led by inspiring leaders are more likely to achieve and exceed their objectives.

So how can you do it?

First, you need to start with “Who” to inspire. Start with the right people. These are the ones with a lot of influence and who are most likely to support your views. When you get these people on board, inspiring others would be a piece of cake.

Second, respect autonomy. Action is never accomplished through mere compliance. What you need from your people is commitment.

Third, you need to get MAD. An inspiring leader cascades goals that are Measurable, Achievable, and Desirable for everyone.

In Measurable, you paint a mental image of what they desire.

In Achievable comes the assurance that they have the ability and resources to make things happen.

Finally, the vision must be Desirable for all.

You can inspire your team by creating a MAD vision. If your team lacks perspective, assist your subordinates in making it measurable to visualize the ultimate result. You can help them adjust to make the vision more achievable if they are hesitant to commit and figure out how to align the vision with what they desire.

Fourth, whatever vision you use to inspire action, enhance it. Adjust it to the ever-changing times.

If you we take the time to identify the right people, respect their autonomy, co-create a vision that is Measurable, Achievable, and Desirable, and alter it when circumstances change, then we can call ourselves inspiring leaders.