Jamie Dixon

Coach, Trainer and Author

I am a coach, trainer and author, having worked with ambitious leaders in over 160 multinational companies over the last 10 years.

I coach and train in both English and Mandarin. I am also conversational in Japanese. I am an IAC accredited coach, a certified Tiny Habits coach, a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach and also certified in Everything DISC.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, meditation, calisthenics, and Yoga.

I’m the Author of 3 Books:

  1. The Story Habit – A methodology for building simple and powerful habits for influencing at work through the power of storytelling (coming soon!)
  2. Overcome and Get it Done! – A book about discipline, productivity and behaviour change that I proudly wrote and published in just 24 hours
  3. Shaping Paths, How to Design and Deliver PRACTICAL Training – A practical training design methodology that I use to design all my training solutions

Chinese Culture Has Shaped My Thinking

Having spent over 15 years living in China, Chinese culture has had a profound impact on my thinking. Chinese pragmatism, practicality and philosophy have shaped the way I design, coach and facilitate.

The famous quote “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice” sums up Chinese pragmatism; prioritise action over ideology. I apply this pragmatism to my design work, by freeing myself from the constraints of academic theory, scientific research and outdated models. Instead, I just focus on what actions people take to get results.

The skylines of cities like Shanghai are the result of Chinese practicality; an emphasis on fast result. In my experience of training Chinese people, I have found they lose patience fast if the training is not relevant to the problems or goals they are facing at work. I use my facilitation skills to surface these quickly, and focus the training in that direction.

The Yin Yang represents the Daoist principle of following the flow of nature, known as The Way, or Dao (Chinese: 道). I view motivation as a natural force with its own flow, and when facilitating I search for peoples’ motivations and help them find useful things that follow that flow.

All of these inspirations have shaped my training design and facilitation philosophy, which I share in my book “Shaping Paths – How to Design and Deliver PRACTICAL Training”.

Podcast Appearances

I am a frequent guest on Leadership related podcasts. I talk about the following topics:

  • Storytelling and my book The Story Habit
  • The Science of Behaviour Change
  • Learning and Development
  • Intercultural Leadership
  • China Business

You can check out some of my Podcast interviews here:

For inquires please contact my Podcast Outreach Manager Diane Gervacio at: diane.gervacio@shapingpaths.com

You can also check out my YouTube channel, here are my most recent videos:

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