Struggling with perfectionism and procrastination? Well, so have I, and I managed to write this book in just 24 hours.

We all have big things we’ve been meaning to do, but so far haven’t done. Like the book we’ve been meaning to write, or the filing cabinets we’ve been meaning to sort, or the website we’ve been meaning to design.

Too many important tasks get put off for the wrong reasons.

This book was also one of those tasks. I’d thought for a long time that one day I should write a book about productivity. But that was always as far as the idea went. But one day, a conversation with a friend sparked an idea.

We would both dedicate 24 hours to finishing something we’ve been meaning to do but so far haven’t done. And my task would be to write, and publish, a whole new book in 24 hours.

This book is an exploration of the principles that were enabling me to get it all done in just 24 hours. These are principles that have helped me overcome perfectionism and procrastination and increased my productivity. They’ve helped me be focused, disciplined and healthy. If you’re struggling with any of these things, then I sincerely hope this book can help you find the little spark you need to make a difference.

Whenever you’re struggling to get something done, remember, I wrote this book in just 24 hours using the principles in this very book. If I can do it, I’m sure you can too.