Who is this for?

Individuals of all levels who sometimes struggle with procrastination and perfectionism and want to increase their productivity.

What will they learn?

This course is ultimately designed to help people master self-discipline. It’s split into 5 key sections:

  • Managing Habits
  • Managing Motivation
  • Managing Mindset
  • Managing Energy
  • Managing Tasks

Firstly, we will look at how to build new habits and break old habits. This is a fundamental skill because all other sections in this course depend on having the right habits.

Then we will look at how to find, create and influence our motivation. People normally depend on willpower to get things done, but willpower quickly runs out and depending on it too much can lead to burn out. Motivation is a much more sustainable force for getting things done, the key is to understand how our own motivation works and find ways of influencing it.

For the third part, we will look at how to change our mindset. Beliefs dictate our behaviour, and when we are not behaving in the most effective way, the most effective solution is to overcome our limiting beliefs. There are also some beliefs we can embrace that will lead to greater productivity, and a greater quality of life.

For the fourth part, we look at managing energy. When we want to be productive, we must ensure we are approaching our work in the best possible way. So here, we will look at strategies for increasing our energy and focus.

For the final part, we look at how to build our own productivity system, that fits our unique needs, to help us better manage tasks.

How is this different to other courses?

This course is based on Jamie Dixon’s book “Overcome and Get It Done”, a book that he wrote AND published in just 24 hours! It includes 24 chapters about the productivity principles that enabled him to write and publish the book in 24 hours.

This course also includes a module based on BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits methodology. BJ Fogg is a Behaviour Scientist from Stanford University who has taught Behaviour Science to some of Silicon Valley’s most famous entrepreneurs, including the co-founder of Instagram. Jamie Dixon is a certified Tiny Habits coach.

What are the benefits?

After this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Build new habits and break old habits
  • Increase and influence their own motivation
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and embrace beliefs that increase productivity
  • Overcome procrastination and perfectionism
  • Better manage their energy
  • Increase confidence