Helping Leaders Influence Behaviour

Shaping Paths Helps Leaders To:

  • Influence across functions, regions and cultures
  • Influence without authority
  • Align teams for better performance

And Solve These Problems:

  • Lack of ownership or responsibility
  • “That’s not my job!” mentality
  • Silos and bottlenecks
  • Lots of complaining with no action
  • Lack of trust

Shaping Paths is a leadership development consultancy based in the UK and China, founded by me, Jamie Dixon.

My mission is to inspire positive change.

I design all solutions using my Shaping Paths Approach.

Based on my book “Shaping Paths – How to Design and Deliver PRACTICAL Training”.

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How Shaping Paths Can Help You

Face to face and virtual workshops to help leaders influence behaviour change.

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Online courses, virtual coaching and books to help you facilitate behaviour change.

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Articles and videos about facilitating behaviour change using the Shaping Paths approach. 

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Free Tool – Is Training the Right Solution?

We need to make sure training is the right solution for it to be PRACTICAL. Sometimes there are simpler, cheaper alternatives.

Download this free tool to help you decide if training is the best solution, and what simpler, cheaper alternatives you could use instead.

Is Training the Right Solution?

Jamie Dixon – Shaping Paths Founder

I am a Coach, Facilitator and Author. My mission is to inspire positive change. I love working with people who see a change that needs to happen, big or small, and need to find a way of making that happen.

I’ve worked with over 140 multinational companies throughout the APAC region. I work in both English and Mandarin.

Jamie Dixon

I am the author of “Shaping Paths – How to Design and Deliver PRACTICAL Training”, as well as “Overcome and Get it Done!” which I wrote and published in just 24 hours.

I am originally from Mid-Sussex in the UK, and for the past 15 years I’ve been based in China. China has had a massive impact on the way I think and work. The Chinese people’s practicality, pragmatism and consideration of context has both challenged me and shaped the way I design and facilitate.

I care about value. Value to me is nothing to do with numbers. It’s all about impacting the people we serve. Training and coaching are not the solutions I provide, they are simply mediums through which I serve people. I believe that value and service are what makes the human world go round. The more we are able to impact others in a meaningful way, the more meaningful our own life becomes.

What Jamie’s Clients Say

Jamie is an experienced corporate trainer who can win trust from client and audience easily base on his solid expertise, after cooperating with him on several training courses I found his bilingual language skills and training style also do help him a lot to reach into heart of Chinese trainees, and therefore obtaining nice training effect is a natural thing.

HR Manager, Power Management Company

Jamie is very good at understanding client’s needs and developing customized training programs. He cares about more than the “course” itself. He is very dedicated to improving the actual results – behavior change of the trainees, and in order to do that, he is willing to put in extra efforts. Trainees of our company refer to his course as “interesting, engaging, clear and helpful”.

HR Manager, High Tech Company

Jamie was the Lead Facilitator for A Learning Culture’s “One Team, One Goal” seminar – a full-day teambuilding and communication training event delivered to Medela, Inc. As a facilitator, Jamie was fantastic, delivering in Chinese with enthusiasm, clarity and charisma. As a business partner, he was a pleasure to work with at every stage of the project. Full of great ideas and passion for his work, Jamie comes with my highest regard and recommendation.

Founder, Consulting Company

Excellent! That is the word I would use to describe the training Jamie provided me and my staff. Well thought out, wonderfully executed and because of that, the time just flew by. Other training we have had in the past were boring, but with Jamie’s program, we were all encouraged to participate and ended it with a very positive experience and skills we could use the very next day.

General Manager, Healthcare Company

Jamie is a real professional with high level of accountability. My organization have two times cooperation with Jamie. One is hired Jamie as our trainer. His training is inspired and practical. The second time, we hired Jamie as the M.C of the Top Employers Certification Dinner. Both me and Jamie took a risk on this decision, and it turned out to be a very good one. Jamie’s excellent communication skill makes the whole dinner very smooth. I am sure that we will have more cooperation with Jamie.

General Manager, HR Consulting Company

What’s Special About Shaping Paths? – The Shaping Paths Approach

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I can help you and your team to:

  • Influence across functions, regions and cultures
  • Influence without authority
  • Align teams for better performance

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