Most trainers know a great deal about how to deliver an engaging classroom experience, but what counts the most is behaviour change. If learners don’t use what they learnt back in their workplace, the training was a waste of time.


Shaping Paths is a straightforward training design methodology that helps drive the transfer of learning back to the workplace. This can be accomplished by designing effective tools based on lessons from the fields of user experience design and emotional design.


Tools are things like checklists, templates, forms, and so on. A lot of tools are complicated and don’t deliver the value learners are looking for, but if we design simple tools and make them better fit into the learners’ worlds, people will use them. 


We can also use The 5 Elements of Delivery (Priming, Guiding, Practicing, Reflecting, and Committing) to focus our classroom experience around helping learners master those tools. When the training is over, they’ll be ready to go back to work and start using the tools to their advantage.


Shaping Paths is a reference aid that will help you throughout the process of designing and delivering practical learning solutions, which will spark ideas in your time of need, help you get things done, and give you more purpose and confidence in the way you approach your work. Ultimately, it will help YOU design and deliver learning solutions that lead to behaviour changes where it counts—back in the workplace.