How to improve storytelling? Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling, storytelling! I bet you hear this word a lot these days. There are books about storytelling, workshops about storytelling, and then people like me talking about storytelling non-stop! But why? Why is storytelling so important?

Stories are great at many things, in particular, they’re great at making things easy to understand, changing people’s minds, and even inspiring people to action.

And if we look at the techniques stories use to make things easy to understand, change people’s minds and inspire action, we can take those techniques out of stories and use them independently. This way we can bring more meaning to our everyday communication. We can become better at making small talk, people will find us more interesting, we’ll find it easier to influence people, and so on.

So in this video, I’m going to share with you a few practical tips on how to improve storytelling?