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The Story Habit

The Story Habit condenses storytelling into a 3-step framework called “Relate, Challenge, Resolve”.


A story is never about the storyteller, it’s always about the audience. A story is always about characters and situations the audience can relate to.


A story is never about something normal, it’s always about a change. This change challenges the character.


A story eventually reaches a resolution. The character makes peace with the change, and finds a way of resolving the challenge.

But there are also many more applications to this framework than just telling stories. Relate, Challenge, Resolve can be used to influence others and craft powerful presentations.

In this course, we look at the different applications of this framework, including numerous tools participants can take away and use. We also look at how we can condense Relate, Challenge, Resolve into individual habits we can use on a daily basis to bring more meaning to our communication.

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What People are Saying:

“This is an amazing course! The methodology of the course is excellent, as Jamie is very creative in the delivery.”

Manager in Education Industry

“I love the concepts of keeping it simple with the “Relate, Challenge, Resolve” framework for storytelling and practice, practice, which are key to building our habit.”

Training Manager in Technical Services Company

“Highly recommended! Perfect course for what I needed. It was concise yet thorough for helping me to write my stories. Super practical. Provides a framework for creating whatever types of stories I want to create.”

Consultant in Leadership Development Industry

“It is a very well-thought course, that provides a framework that guides you to improving your stories to become more impactful.”

Software Engineer in High-Tech Company

The Story Habit Training

The Story Habit Training is a series of 4 half-day workshops.

These can be delivered in a 2-day Face to face program, or in 4 virtual workshops spread over a month with assignments in between.

Each participant also gets access to The Story Habit Online Course to help build their story habits outside of the workshops.

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Workshop 1: Finding and Telling Great Stories

  • Building a Story Pool
  • The Relate, Challenge, Resolve Framework for Storytelling
  • The 3 Ingredients of Stories

Workshop 2: Helping People Feel Understood

  • What is Story-Listening?
  • Helping People Open Up
  • Learning Their Stories

Workshop 3: Changing Minds & Inspiring Action

  • The Relate, Challenge, Resolve Framework for Influencing
  • Building Trust
  • The Art of Changing Minds & Inspiring Action

Workshop 4: Creating Impactful Messages

  • The Relate, Challenge, Resolve Framework for Presentations
  • Practice and Feedback

3 Benefits of Storytelling Training for Your Team

Communicate with Impact

When we have a specific expertise that others don’t, this creates a gap of understanding known as The Curse of Knowledge.

This is especially common in teams with highly technical functions (e.g. R&D, Software Development, even Finance).

Storytelling training can help teams increase understanding by presenting information in a relatable context, using metaphors and analogies and by engaging people’s senses.

Change Minds

When we need our stakeholders to agree with our ideas, but they have a different perspective, we struggle to change their minds.

This is especially common with teams who operate in different geographical regions from their stakeholders, where they see things on the ground their stakeholders aren’t aware of.

Storytelling training can help teams change minds by relating to their stakeholders’ perspectives and presenting better ways of satisfying their needs.

Inspire Action

When we need other people to do things differently, but they just can’t, it can be very challenging to get things done.

This is especially common when leaders are very good at certain tasks, but struggle to delegate to others because they can’t teach them how to do it.

Storytelling training helps teams drive action by clearly showing what action to take and how to take it.

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