A Story Habit for Building Trust

Some claim that trust is the fundamental idea holding all relationships together. With that in mind, a story habit for building trust is pivotal in maintaining a great working relationship with your team. Trust is the fundamental idea holding all relationships together For example, even before the pandemic, [...]

A Story Habit for Relating to Others

The not-so-secret ingredient that distinguishes a leader from a mere manager is storytelling. And a story habit for relating to others is a skill every leader should aim to have; it's a helpful tool to ensure that you run a team that's the cream of the crop. Relating when [...]

Storytelling Skills for the Corporate World

Storytelling Skills are essential for the corporate world. We ultimately see individuals rise to the top, not for their technical prowess, but for their ability to influence minds. And there are 3 main storytelling skills that are essential for influencing minds in the corporate world: Relating Challenging Resolving Relate, [...]

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