The Story Habit

Who is this for?

Mid to Senior Level Professionals who frequently interact with a variety of stakeholders both internally and externally. They need to communicate their ideas clearly and persuasively, and also play a role in promoting company culture.

What will they learn?

5 key habits from the field of storytelling. These habits will ultimately help them to communicate effectively, influence and persuade, and promote company culture.

The 5 habits are:

  1. The Show Habit – To help people understand
  2. The Relate Habit – To change people’s minds
  3. The Contrast Habit – To grab people’s attention
  4. The Simplify Habit – To help people remember
  5. The Materialise Habit – To bring people together

Each habit explores brain science and techniques from the field of storytelling. In each habit, we look at why stories are so effective at certain things like grabbing attention, helping people understand, changing people’s minds and so on. But then we focus in on the simplest ways of applying this all back to their daily work.

How is this different to other courses?

The Story Habit is based on Jamie Dixon’s upcoming book called “The Story Habit”. It is only delivered by Jamie Dixon, so this is a very unique course with tools you won’t find anywhere else.

Because this course is focused on habits, this makes the training extremely practical. After each module participants will identify the situations where they need to apply the habit in their daily work, and the simplest ways of doing so.

This is designed using Jamie Dixon’s Shaping Paths Training Design methodology. There are two main parts to this:

Firstly, all content is condensed into practical tools like checklists, templates, processes, forms etc. These tools mean learners don’t need to remember anything after the training, they can instead just use the tools. These tools are used to make it easier for learners to use their learning back in the workplace.

Secondly, all content is delivered using Jamie’s 5 Elements of Training to help learners master and apply the tools. The Five Elements include Priming to get people ready to learn, Guiding to help people use the tools, Practicing to help people try the tools, Reflecting to help people master the tools, and Committing to help people use the tools back at work.

What are the benefits?

After this course, trainees will be able to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Persuade and influence others
  • Grab people’s attention
  • Help people remember
  • Bring people together and promote company culture

Download my Analogies List Tool here:

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