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Who is this for?

If you train, facilitate, or do both, then this course is for you.

Beginners will find a comprehensive framework full of tools, tips and techniques to help you build a foundation to start training and facilitating with confidence.

Experienced trainers and facilitators will find a framework to help you tie all of your experience together into one coherent methodology. You’ll also find news ideas, and new tools to help you get better.

This course is ultimately designed to help you build out your training and facilitation toolbox. This toolbox will be something you can access in any situation you face when training and facilitating. It’ll help you focus on the right purpose at the right moment, quickly adapt to changing needs and circumstances, and ultimately help increase the learning effectiveness of your training.

What’s the difference between Training and Facilitating?

Technically speaking, training is more hands on, facilitating is more hands off.

When training, we have a clear objective, we know exactly how to get our learners to that objective, and we have a clear plan that we follow throughout.

When facilitating, we are working together with our learners to find the right objective, we have enough knowledge and experience to help us create a process on the spot to help learners reach that objective, and we can adapt our plan instantly when the needs and circumstances change.

In reality, we are normally doing a combination of training and facilitating. We might start a training session with a clear plan, but then halfway through an activity discover our learners have different needs and interests, and then use our facilitation skills to adapt to them.

The goal of this course is to help you develop both sets of skills so that you easily adapt to the needs of your learners and deliver an effective learning experience.

Train and Facilitate Using My 5 Elements Framework:

My 5 Elements Framework breaks training down into 5 key elements, allowing you to easily identify what you need to focus on for each part of your training.

The 5 Elements are:

1. Priming – Where we get people into the right mindset to learn from the training

2. Guiding – Where we help people prepare to practice

3. Practicing – Where we help people experiment and master new skills

4. Reflecting – Where we help people adjust their mindset

5. Committing – Where we help people create the right conditions to continue learning by themselves

This course will show you what skills you need for each of these elements. It’ll show you how to get people into the right mindset, how to guide people to understand and help them prepare to practice, how to help people experiment and master new skills, how to help people adjust their mindset and how to help people create the right conditions to continue learning by themselves.