Trust, Power and Influence


To achieve our goals we need help from other people. We need to work with other people, we need to persuade other people and we need support from other people.

The key to getting the help we need to achieve our goals is to increase our Trust, Power and Influence.

Cooperation Fuels Success


A universal challenge in big organisations is the need to cooperate with people we don’t know and have no trust with. We frequently need to work across regions and functions, internally and externally, with people we’ve never met before.

I’ve met too many individuals who did not invest enough time into developing their networks, nor their interpersonal skills. As a result, when they need support, they don’t get it. Without support from others, they get stuck.

The most successful individuals invest time in building strong working relationships. They take the time to build trust with others. They cultivate powerful resources they can use to help others. And they develop a wide range of interpersonal skills to help them influence others.

To help individuals here, I developed TPI which stands for Trust, Power and Influence. TPI is a series of tools to help people quickly find ways of increasing their trust, power and influence, and use these to achieve their goals.



Trust is the ability to help people feel comfortable around you, believe what you say, and be confident in depending on you for certain things. It is fundamental to effective cooperation.



Is the ability to cultivate resources (such as expertise, relationships, abilities etc.) that can be used to help others. When you are able to create value for other people, you are able to build goodwill and lead them in positive ways.



Is the ability to leverage trust and power, using flexible set of interpersonal skills, to encourage people to do things. When you are able to effectively and positively influence others, you are able to effectively cooperate with others, persuade them and gain their support in achieving your goals.

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